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Welcome to Crilly's Confectionery

The Crilly’s sweets journey started in the 1960’s, when company Director Peter Crilly emigrated from Ireland to England. Leaving the shores of Co Down with an interest in sweets, Peter began working at the Mars factory in Slough. After gaining experience making chocolate, Peter moved to Blackpool to experience the world of sweets and Rock.

During the 1970’s it was time to move home. After all the experience gained in the sweet, candy and chocolate industry ‘Crilly’s Sweets’ was established in 1974, in Newry, Co Down.

“The company started with just two people, my wife and me. soon we employed my brother, then my younger brother. At that stage the troubles were taking place, it was a difficult time for business, but we all had a determination to succeed. Basically that mean’t working as sweet maker, van driver, cleaner, packer-everything” said Peter

The sweet industry has changed throughout the years- and the changing markets illustrate the diversity of Crilly’s sweets.

“If you stand still, you’ll be left behind. It was novelties during the 70’s, bars of rock during the 80’s, Easter eggs in the 1990’s before evolving into specialising in boiled sweets and contract packing at the turn of the millennium. It’s been an exciting rollercoaster for everyone” said Peter.

Crilly’s Sweets has invested in the highest quality machinery, highly experienced staff all helping to produce the finest quality homemade sweets- at competitive prices.

” The company has changed throughout the years but one aspect has remained the same- our commitment to hard work, investing in our company and our delight when we produce the finest quality sweets for everyone to enjoy. Long may that proud tradition continue” Peter